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Welcome to Miles N Milers, the Endurance Sports Academy headed by Dr. Amit Samarth.


Since its establishment in 2015 by a small group of Fitness Enthusiasts in Nagpur, Miles N Milers has grown to become a renowned institution with members not only from Nagpur but also from various cities across India and even from other countries. Our academy specializes in providing comprehensive training for a wide range of endurance sports, including Cycling, UltraCycling, Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Ironman, Triathlon, and General Fitness.

At Miles N Milers, our fundamental objective is to promote outdoor endurance sports and offer high-quality training programs, fostering a strong community for individuals to achieve their fitness goals. We believe in encouraging an active lifestyle and prioritizing health for people of all ages, particularly those in their middle and higher age groups.

Our training programs are designed to empower individuals, enabling them to engage in long-duration cycling and running consistently. Our aim is for every member to comfortably run 10 kilometers and cycle 100 kilometers after six months of dedicated training. Achieving these milestones is easily attainable through regular training and a little discipline towards maintaining good health.

Together, let's build a healthy and fit Nagpur as we strive to create a community of strong, determined individuals who embody the spirit of endurance sports. Join us at Miles N Milers and embark on a journey to become your own hero, while embracing a super fit and healthy lifestyle within your age bracket. Remember, the key to success lies in regular training and a commitment to personal well-being.

Train regularly and Be Your Own Hero!

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Mr. Vaibhav Andhare


“ I am proud to be the 1st member of Miles N Milers. Joining MNM has totally change my life. I was able to reduce my weight from 92 Kgs to 75 Kgs. With Amit Samarth's training i achieved many Marathons and I am a proud Brand Ambassador of Zero Miles Marathon from last 5 years. "

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